How can you improve your chances of winning the lottery? Simple, Buy more tickets. I would love to highlight to you a fantastic new system that would change or enhance you ability to win the lottery.

Unfortunately I can’t because it is not possible. Well I say that, it is, You simply buy more tickets!!

No amount of number selection systems or permutations, wheeling, standing on one leg with your arm in the air, will aid you. But, a good slice of luck and buying lots of tickets will. You can improve your chances of winning larger amounts when you do win but that is about all you can influence. Making a decent entry on the coupon is a necessity else you will end up selecting a large amount of numbers that other people have done too and if that day arrives you will find yourself sharing your winning with half the population of the world. Scant reward for such good fortune.

I reverse engineered all the UK lotto results to establish the main patterns of entry on the UK coupon. There are clear and definable numbers to avoid. These numbers are entered by the masses each week well out of proportion to their standard distribution. If you enter these then you are very likely to get a poor win when (if) you do get the big one. The opposite is true also. There are numbers that are very frequently missed or not entered by the masses. This is where I lurk. If I do win then I will be assured of a bumper payout.

For more information on the lottery you should read the section on combinations and permutations (lottery wheeling) as well as this page.

I run a lottery syndicate and each week send out the following detail as a reminder to the members each week.



Let’s suppose we have the following problem:

A group of 52 people contains 36 females. A sample of size of 8 will be taken, and the probability of finding 6 women in the group is desired.

In Excel type =”HYPGEOMDIST(6,8,36,52)”

Any 6 from 8 in 52 of 36/52 (69.2%) = 31.06% – Add the quantities to get the total percentage for a range.


Or suppose we want the probability of getting three winning numbers in a lottery of 49 numbers where we draw 6 numbers.

In Excel type “=HYPGEOMDIST(3,6,6,49)”

Any 3 from 6 in 49 of 1/49 (2.04%) = 1.77% – Or entering one ticket a week you will win once every 56.6 weeks.


What’s the probability of not winning in x tickets – See the spreadsheet attached to this page.