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Peter in the press

Peter has appeared in the press for a number of reasons. If you would like to learn more about Peter click here. For a funny story though, related to this site, please read the following article from the BBC.

  • BBC News
    The stuff of nightmares
    Read about the author and how a Saturday football (soccer) match turned into heaven and hell at the same time.

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First I shall apoligise for using soccer & football throughout this document together.

But as this is the internet it will be read around the world and despite the fact the English invented Football it is now referred to as soccer so I will use both for the benefits of readers around the world.

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Modern economic theory determines that where there is a free market in which goods and services are freely tradable the market will generally determine a market price that is "efficient".

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How can you improve your chances of winning the lottery? Simple, Buy more tickets. I would love to highlight to you a fantastic new system that would change or enhance you ability to win the lottery.

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What is a bookie? Many people ask this question and it was indeed one of the first “puzzles” I solved when looking at betting exchanges. Curiously I found no explanations anywhere on the internet or in bookshops. So here is an explanation….

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